NRCO offers cooperatives access to the necessary resources to thoroughly evaluate renewable energy projects without the expense of a dedicated staff and specialized software. NRCO is active in the renewable energy marketplace on behalf of its members and customers, providing a centralized source of intelligence and opportunities. NRCO evaluates projects, presenting only the most promising to its members. NRCO facilitates transmission constraint modeling, Renewable Energy Credit (REC) market analysis, and engineering studies, and packages these into comprehensive recommendations. NRCO offers an established subscription process to participate in specific projects and can help members and customers with the ongoing operations and maintenance of those projects.

By aggregating demand amongst multiple power supply cooperatives, NRCO offers developers a venue for efficiently reaching a larger and more diverse set of buyers.


Origination is one of the original services NRCO offered to its members

Requests for Proposals (RFP)

NRCO assists cooperatives with developing RFPs, issuing documents to regional and national firms, and responding to questions and inquiries from potential bidders.

Project Development

NRCO has led its members through the development of renewable energy projects by providing services from project inception through commercial operations.

Project Company Services

NRCO provides support for project companies that were established to own and operate renewable generating resources.  NRCO prepares quarterly financial statements, assists with annual tax preparation, annual budget updates, and performs necessary daily account functions.  Additionally, NRCO monitors relevant agreements, such as operations and maintenance contracts, and limited liability agreements.

Market Services

NRCO has established tools to assist in its analysis of market developments.  These tools allow NRCO to track RFP trends, monitor new renewable portfolio standards (RPS) and renewable energy credit (REC) incentive plans, and optimize project deliverables using financial modeling.  NRCO also provides value by attending renewable conferences and vetting industry participants to find the most reliable and economical renewable resources available.